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Thank you for asking.

Corporations are collectivist special interest groups. They're organized mobs. Are either of these good for liberty?

My opinion is no, they are not - not as they are currently treated by our legal system. They have the rights of individuals, but not the responsibilities.

The counter argument is that they are made of people, so they should have all same rights as people. My counter is that yes, they are made of people, but they are not people. Again, the easiest way to define them (as I said at the beginning) is as collective special interest groups. Or as mobs.

Buildings are made of bricks, but they are not bricks. Each has different properties. Mobs, as we know, have emergent properties not present in individuals. We learn this is Psych 101.

Corporations therefore should not be treated as people. They can be good for liberty, but again it goes back to the individuals who run / control the corp.

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