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Comment: Go read the Confederate Constitution for God Sakes

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Go read the Confederate Constitution for God Sakes

Go read the Declaration of Causes

Go read the speeches given by the Secessionist Commissioners

Then wonder NO MORE over WHY the Civil War was fought.

Go read the Confederate States Constitution
---And wonder no longer over the slavery issue

It was ALL ABOUT slavery -- Wars are ONLY fought to expand profit-drivers, protect profit-drivers, or obtain new profit-drivers; according to all world history.

Quote from the Confederate States Constitution:

"Article IV Section 3(3)
The Confederate States may acquire new territory; and Congress shall have power to legislate and provide governments for the inhabitants of all territory belonging to the Confederate States, lying without the limits of the several states; and may permit them, at such times, and in such manner as it may by law provide, to form states to be admitted into the Confederacy. In all such territory, the institution of negro slavery as it now exists in the Confederate States, shall be recognized and protected by Congress, and by the territorial government: and the inhabitants of the several Confederate States and Territories, shall have the right to take to such territory any slaves lawfully held by them in any of the states or territories of the Confederate states"

They WANTED to expand Slavery -- As did the Bankers of England and France the South was DEEPLY in-debted too.

Noooooooo -- The South was not fighting for slavery and Lincoln was "evil" for protecting the rights of future generations of Americans.