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Thanks Josh..

Makes sense.

I'm opposed to all taxes. I can accept voluntary user-fees. Indirect taxes are more tolerable if you accept the idea of government. Government title fees are mainly administrative I presume because we have title insurance companies to cover claims. There are costs to survey the land too. In any case I can see a third party take care of these issues in place of government even if we wanted to maintain a similar structure.

I agree with you on homesteading.
You say: "Private property should remain open to homesteading as it currently is in most states."

Do you have details or examples on homesteading on private land? The Homestead Act of 1862 seemed to be replaced by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 and homesteading may no longer be acceptable by statute. This is at the Federal level and I'd like to know what state constitutions say if anything. However maybe if someone homesteaded based on common law you could argue all the way to the state or Federal Supreme court and win. Most statutes are unconstitutional.

USDA? Anything can be done without a government agency.. even during droughts and mass crop failures.. insurance and mutual companies and organizations come to mind...

Overall I generally agree with your sentiments.. I'm just more of an anarchist.

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