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I would vote for either one, but the quickest way back to real freedom is only ron.
he knows the congress and knows how to use the power of the people along with the power of the constitution to get what he needs done in a jiffy. I dont want it to take 10 or 20 years.
ron would let it all fall down and then make sure there are clean hands that put it all back together. While the states put it all back together ron will dismantle the federal gvt limb by limb- and do so at no cost to the tax payer and divide everything up equally and fair when he does it because tthe fed is RICH!
thats why i cant go for anyone other then ron paul.
No one else has 1/4 of the brain power RP has.
I can only figure he did not want the presidency, which he has said he does not pursue but if the people put him in, he will accept.
not enough wanted him and he didnt want it bad enough.
maybe by 2016 there will be enough people screaming for a return to constitutional gvt and elect him then,! OR RAND!! Rand is just like his father and doesnt mind getting a little dirty and wont show his hand. but he can be trusted like his father- regardless of what others say here.
Only a DUMMY would WANT to be POTUS right now.
and rons no dummy.

Ron Paul doesnt just hold a philosophy of gvt.
he can explain it in 5 different american languages that americans understand however, he does not seek office and americans are hesitant to elect some one who doesnt actively pursue something "they think"" he should want...
make sense?
People think one should lust after the presidency and hastily give all the people power away by asking a president to "save them" when all rp really wants to allow them(people) to save themselves and knows they have a better chance then to let gvt do it..
but people will always want a savior. ron realizes this. but he knows its not gvt and people are afraid of that door number 3 he stands infront of...
Ron knows(has taught us) we are our own savior, and not gvt.
so he will never take office unless we put him on our backs and carry him up the front stairs of 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue and put him in there ourselves. he doesnt want it bad enough and who could blame him?

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016