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"Who writes your laws and

"Who writes your laws and enforces them"
who writes common law?

the laws should be enforced by private courts and private security firms, as everyting on the market.

"who pays to have them enforced?"

the consumers?

"Will I have any representation or association in your tyranny"

you can have rappresentation as consumer or as a stock holder (if it's a cooperative you even have one haed one vote) in the current system you have only voice as a stock holder, in the united states you can move to a different state so you have a little choice, but you have to fisically move.

"the warlord with the biggest goon squad writes the laws"?

this is how the sistem work NOW.

"Like I said, Anarchists are just little wanna be warlords who covet"
that's remind me when they said that ron paul people are just rich people that want to get high. So if you want to legalize illegal drugs, you really are a sort of druglord?

however if you are courious about that strang anarchist thing take a look at this short explanation by an austrian economics professor: if you have some objection after the reading I would be pleased to read.