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Federal Reserve Monopoly

I once thought about a version of Monopoly that would show people how central banking really works.

The game would played as normal, except for two things:

(1) When anyone lands on a property, it goes up for auction to the highest bidder, as well as houses, hotels and rents.

(2) The banker would be a central banker.

As the game progresses, the central banker pays $200 as each player goes past Go. This puts a certain amount of money in the game. However, anytime and without warning, the central banker could start paying out $1,000 for passing Go or $5,000 or just $20. Any amount the central banker thinks is "prudent."

If done properly, the central banker should be able to run prices up and, when prices are super high, crash the economy down and end up owning all the mortgaged property.

It would be fun to put together, and teach people a valuable lesson, but I doubt there is much of a market for it.