Comment: The biggest liars ever! NDAA

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The biggest liars ever! NDAA

I've never heard so many lies and fantasy's in my life. Al-Queda is going to take over American with "belligerents" in row-boats headed toward the US or attacks a US base? What a joke!

The US military, with 10,000 spy satellites, 10,000 nuclear weapons, directed energy weapons, missile shields, drones, GPS guided bombs that can hit any point in the world in 7 minutes, Lasers in Space that can hit you Instantaneously, tapping every phone and communication in the world...

They are afraid that a belligerent? in a row boat? is part of the war on terror? In order to set precedent to claim any "belligerent" is a terrorist?

Did he not listen that the US created the Al-Qaeda, the Afghan Freedom Fighters, the Mujaheddin and the US runs the Heroin in Afghanistan?

Hillary Clinton - "We Created Al-Qaeda", "We Funded them, Gave them Weapons and Trained them"...

"Marines grow opium for their masters", "We help them grow it & help protect the shipping lanes", directly to the US, Russia & Europe.