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"I'm not selling utopia, I'm

"I'm not selling utopia, I'm selling law serving justice in a representative government."

the foundig fathers designed the usa to be just like that: history teach us it doesnt't work, even if the american costitution and the bill of rights was the best libertarian document possible in that era it didn't worked.

"Your answer is "a self restrained" free market of violence"

"free market has very strict rules" Ron Paul.

however free market of justice sounds better.

"with you lording over people with your army, police, and judiciary"
actually I'don't want to lord over everyone else different from me, I don't want to be a policeman and i don't want to be a judge, I wanto to teach drawing and build houses. As a consumer I would like to have some choice when it comes to choose who has the right to protect my house and my God given natural rights which is also a natural right.