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You touched on something important here.

For whatever reason modern Americans are unable to distinguish between actual and subjunctive verb cases as well as similies and metaphors.

A perfect example you illustrated above: the "is" vs. "should be" logical error.

Let me give you another example.

"The United States is a constitutional Republic."

That statement is FACTUALLY FALSE. To repeat factually false statements is to SPREAD FALSEHOODS.

A factually accurate statement is:

"The United States is SUPPOSED TO BE a constitutional Republic, but is not currently."

Another factually accurate statement is:
"The United States IS LIKE (i.e may RESEMBLE) a constitutional Republic, but is, IN FACT, not one currently."

This is/"is like" or is/should be problem in logic, even among many of the best of us, is a product of mind control operations the government has been engaging in for a very long time. It is a product of natural language programming and similar to a visual sleight of hand, only verbal and cognitive.

Even those who are aware of it can catch themselves falling for it. Now that you are aware, watch for it. The truth literally sets you free. Until you can recognize the truth, you cannot assess your environment. If you cannot assess your environment, you cannot affect meaningful change as you would be fighting ghosts.