Comment: Articulating distinctions

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Articulating distinctions

I agree with MIchael that NO corporation should EVER be accorded the status of personhood. That is one of those obscure, rarely mentioned shams that go to the very reason(s) as to why elections are so corrupt.

I believe corporations can be of service to the socioeconomic well being of a nation and it's people; but only if they are PRIVATELY HELD corporations. From the moment a privately held corporation is induced to "go public," the previous owner gets lost in the shuffle and the entire paradigm of ethical operations that owner may have held are immediately supplanted with the mantra -- "we exist solely for the benefit of the stockholders;" which translates to ... in the simplest of terms: any means to an end.

Logic dictates that: Wrong action has to lead to wrong results; and right action has to lead to right results. Period. No exceptions.