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Comment: What is everyone celebrating exactly?

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What is everyone celebrating exactly?

The UN (an immoral organization hated by every person on this website) passed a resolution conferring a legitimacy they never had to confer onto a new political class which will all too eagerly use and abuse it's citizens, just like every other state on earth. This is the same UN that stands idly by when people like Assad or Pol Pot murder their own citizens by the tens of thousands (or millions) and does nothing about various territorial disputes in central and eastern Asia and Africa, but when it comes to this specific minuscule piece of dirt, they vote 138-9? And then you all start unquestioningly waving your pom-poms around just because its against the favor of Israel? Don't you people know enough about the UN to look at it with a little more suspicion than this?

One of the top-voted articles on here the other day was Ron Paul saying we need to stay out of the affairs of Gaza, but here you all are cheering the exact opposite when it's being done by other countries. Does anyone really think this will lead to a reduction in bloodshed? Doesn't anyone question the motivations behind this action?

Does no one see the irony in this vote? Every state on earth was formed by conquest and occupation, and yet in this specific instance 138 hypocrites are attempting to legitimize something they themselves have spent countless innocent lives fighting against when it occurred on their own soil that they "possessed" at any given point in history.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito