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Comment: even better that following his epic fail of a death

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even better that following his epic fail of a death

Tyler took office and had a sudden change of heart from the Whig party line - he opposed the return of the national bank, kept the ind. treasury and vetoed internal improvements.
I like Tyler not only because of what he did, but more so because he opposed his party - whom would make sure he would not be elected to a second term.

Interestingly, Harrison died because he wanted to prove that he was still the tough Tippecanoe kinda guy. Gave his inaugural address on a very cold day... without a hat... or a coat... and his speech lasted over 2 hours long... he then contracted pneumonia and died - these days we would call this an 'epic fail'.

In his address Harrison promised the return of the national bank with a new feature - paper money for purposes of expansion of credit, as well as a full turn to the American system of henry clay.