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I have the brief version

I write a lot sometimes, but I don't have the time to write an entire book on the subject.

Regarding the 1,000 years thing, Objectivism concludes that one should not sacrifice one's life for another. That makes looking out 1,000 years irrelevant and not worth discussing.

Regarding following Christ's teachings, Objectivism concludes that faith is not a valid method of knowledge. When reason is applied to the question, one should not steal, but one should also not blindly respect (or honor) those who do not deserve respect. Those were just two the 10 Commandments I chose for illustration. Should one live their life according to Christ's teachings? Absolutely not, because faith is not a valid form of knowledge. Therefore, it is not a valid means by which to choose to live one's life.

Regarding offspring, if you bring a child into the world, you have a responsibility to care for him until he is old enough to care for himself. In terms of long-term survivability for ... what, exactly? So you have a legacy? It is a matter of caring for the child you brought into the world, and that is a matter of justice.