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Apple! McDonalds will not close because Employees strike. You will not see a 'Fast Food Union' develop, because the training for such positions are so streamlined you can literally take the dumbest student in a high school Junior class and teach him how to make a cheeseburger.

If you want the Free Market to succeed in shutting down McDonalds, then saying "workers should protest until it happens" is truly a weak approach because it is cutting the CONSUMER entirely out of the equation. Free Market demands RESPONSIBLE CONSUMERS. You think McDonalds should shut down? Then don't eat it, encourage everyone you know not to eat it, explain your reasons as more than just 'the food is nasty' but include reasons like 'they treat their workers poorly', organize a protest at your local McDonalds, contact farms selling their meats and eggs to local M.D.s, etc.

I'm sorry, but I feel it's a bit pathetic to say 'YEA, LOOK AT THOSE WORKERS STICKING IT TO THE MAN!' and actually feeling like you're supporting them.