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Comment: Are you drunk?

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Are you drunk?

You said you were excited because now that Palestine is a state, Israel will be held accountable for its crimes. I mentioned the fact that countless war crimes have been committed by states on other states and on their own people to NO consequence whatsoever. Your response? "........"

I typed out several paragraphs of arguments, and your entire response was one little out of context quote. I said "You don't care about Independence, you care about Palestinian independence". When you cut off half of a thought, the sentence means something different. You didn't answer my question. Why do you care so disproportionately about human rights issues in Palestine when they're hands aren't exactly free of blood either, and when countless other groups have faced (and currently face) far worse fates? How many posts have you made championing the Basque separatists? Or the Irish? Or the Catalans?

When Bush was in office, people accused him of war crimes and marched in the street. When Obama continued or expanded his policies, those same people said nothing. They weren't against wars of aggression--they were against republican wars of aggression. You can't just start and stop your principles along arbitrary lines of political parties or national identities.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito