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Comment: "If we followed RP foreign policy...

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"If we followed RP foreign policy...

And let them fight it out on their own"

This coming from the guy cheer leading intervention by the UN? Noninterventionism doesn't just mean WE should stay out of other people's business, it means EVERYBODY should stay out of other people's business. This is like if you say "I don't want to steal this piece of candy because it would be wrong for me to do. But I'm perfectly fine if someone else steals it. " Stealing is wrong, whether its you that's doing it or someone else.

You criticize the US for being biased towards Israel, when you yourself are biased towards Palestine. The problem isn't that the US is biased towards Israel, the problem is being biased towards any country.

When you're done celebrating something you dont understand and you put your pom-poms down, go back and re-read my comments and see if you actually have a response for them.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito