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Comment: I can't believe Feinstein held a part in this

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I can't believe Feinstein held a part in this

I sent her a personal letter as a constituent, and also the sent the C4L deal, and wrote in my personal letter that I would not vote for her if she voted for the NDAA which she did, so I didn't vote for her.

Now I wonder if I should write a thank you letter for this and also say screw you for voting for the NDAA and that's why I didn't vote for her this term??? But the main point was the indefinite detention of US citizens without due process which was somewhat addressed.

I know at least three of us here at the DP sent in letters to her stating our positions on the NDAA and received the same form letter back.

Feinstein is strange. She's a liberal, and every once in a while a classic liberal streak shows it's face with her. I don't like her much. But maybe she listened to her constituents. I told everyone I knew about the NDAA and to mail her but most people looked with a blank stare or thought I was crazy and no such thing existed as the NDAA. But evidently maybe her office payed a little attention to us weird folks who still believe in the constitution and our bill of rights.

It's one small step for man, but other than abolishing it, she did help yield one tiny slice of liberty. That's better than nothing.

I think I should send a letter saying thank you but you still helped to enact this piece of legislature.

I dunno.