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that's not what happened

The Russian zionists in conjunction with Zionist Baron Rothschild in England forced the British to deem "their" colony in Palestine as the "jewish homeland" in the very early 1900's (see Balfour Declaration). England spent millions of dollars moving the Russian jews to Palestine, where they created settlements like Tel Hai to begin the expansion of the jewish state to the sea, as called for by the Zionist manifesto. Eventually, the Palestinians got pissed to the point where they raided Tel Hai and thus sparked the first armed incident in the Israeli-Arab conflict. Militant Zionists groups like Betar (considered terrorists at the time) arose to power and spawned several political parties over the years (including Likud) which are still in power today.

All this happened WAY before the UN even existed. All this madness over religion. It's obvious who started this, though. I just wish that we weren't involved in it in any way.