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Wrong, wrong, wrong.

You've got some common misconceptions, a lot of people have.
1. Free markets work best when there are no unemployment laws or minimum wage laws or any of the million other laws interfering with McDonald's management of the business.

2. The free market works when employees are free to leave if they can't get management to see it their way.

3. Private property is violated when laws allow union thugs on a property to get pledge cards signed without the uncoerced permission of the property owner. Violation of private property rights isn't free markets.

3. In a laissez-faire free market, wages go up when unemployment is low, not when crooked politicians pass legislation allowing thugs to force concessions damaging the business. Conversely, wages go down when unemployment is high, to follow the economic rules of supply and demand.

4. If the workers don't like an employer, they can get together, raise capital and start a new business. That's the free market.

Maybe you don't know this, Apple. If McDonald's goes under, 50 million kids don't get a high fat, high protein meal when Mom only has 3 bucks and doesn't feel like cooking. I remember newspaper articles back in the 60's about Japanese kids being a foot taller than Mom and Dad because Junior started eating Big Macs. Big and strong doesn't come from sushi and rice washed down with pomegranate juice.

You should know that if Ronald McDonald takes a dirt nap, it could take years for the fast food restaurant industry and the invisible hand to fully replace the loss. 1 million, seven hundred thousand individuals, mostly low skilled workers, will be out of work. Your advocacy of this is a great example of the "Broken Window Theory", which has been widely panned.

You know McDonald's hires and trains the most handicapped and retired workers of any company in the world. (My Dad worked there when he was 82, to be productive and sociable) What about them?

And what about Ronald McDonald Charities? They put up 257 million dollars per year in lodging for the families of cancer kids so they can be with their children at a time of terrible crisis. I know you can't possibly have a problem with that.
They gave 500 g's for kids in the recent hurricane and every time I turn around they are giving and helping people in need.

Additionally, there are currently 43 Ronald McDonald's Mobile Care clinics in 6 countries offering affordable health care for children in their own neighborhoods. The program serves more than 100,000 children a year, and saves families in the U.S. $10 million in medical and dental costs each year. How about the 44 million dollars in scholarships.

-and grrrrr, keep away from my french fries;)

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ