Comment: Bring it all on....

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Bring it all on....

Many theorys floating around. The Reptilians? I'm not going to laugh at it, make fun of it or disbelieve it. Why? Because I've heard some prrrretty strange things in my life. When I heard them, I laughed.

I heard our government was out to decrease our numbers, that there was a group in our planet who controls the whole planet, that our presidents are no more than puppets, that our votes don't count because the whole process is rigged, that some medicines/vaccinations don't heal, they kill you, that our country in reality, did not free it's self from England but joined in a corporation with them, that Edison didn't invent the light bulb and Columbus didn't 'discover' America, that the Civil war was not about slavery but about bankers funding an internal war, that multi national corporations and the military industrial complex run our country.
I could go on and on, you here on the DP know the rest ., I laugh at nothing now. I don't believe or disbelieve, I research it, then make up my mind what is 'real'. On some topics, my thoughts are still not formed, too little information available, I'm still looking and thinking.

Bring on the Reptilians, even those living underground here, the other dimensions, Ventura, Ike, Jones and some pretty far out History channel episodes. I want to see, hear and read it all. I'll listen to anyone, anytime and do research. I will never laugh or ridicule.

I will NEVER have a closed mind. I'll be evolving and learning until my last breath on this earth. My ONLY fear is that I won't have all the answers before I run out of time!