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I agree. IMO it centers

I agree. IMO it centers around Iran. In Dec 2002 the US claimed Iran was trying to make nuclear weapons... that was a year after Bush declared Iran to be part of the axis of evil.

Here's a question: How much time do you give your stated enemy to actually make nuclear weapons after you claim to know they are trying?

Everyone I have asked that to said 4 to 6 years, not 10.

It's been 10 years because they are waiting for something. My guess is that they are waiting until the point of no return for the economy, when they know the big crash is imminent. At that point the war will begin, Iran will be attacked... then the economy will crash & the politicians will then blame this next crash on Iran... and anger against Iran for the crash will be used to fuel the fire for war. Politicians in other countries will probably do the same, some of them even directing the anger against US.