Comment: Ever heard of Gnostic Christianity and "the Archons"?

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Ever heard of Gnostic Christianity and "the Archons"?

"Gnostic texts clearly state that Jehovah is the “Lord Archon,” a reptilian type of alien predator who dominates the hive-mentality of the embryonic or Grey aliens. Jehovah, whom the Gnostics called Yaldabaoth, is truly an extraterrestrial being whose realm is the planetary system independent of the earth, sun and moon. He is not an “advanced being” (i.e., more evolved than humans) but a demented alien with certain superhuman or deific powers. Gnostics taught that Jehovah infects humanity with the belief that he is their creator god, but in fact he cannot create anything. The NHC is very clear that Jehovah-Yaldabaoth is the commander of the Archon species."

After discovering the "NAZI flying saucers" and 2.5 BILLION year old artifact which PERFECTLY resembles both one of Saturn's moons AND the "Death Star" from "Star Wars," I'm beginning to believe just about anything. The "NAZI flying saucers" can be seen @

The 2.5 billion year old artifact can be seen @ If you take a "screen shot," you can compare the artifact with Iapetus. You will find it is IDENTICAL right down to the irregular topography at the top of the sphere.

Comparisons of Iapetus and the "Death Star" can be seen @