Comment: Black day for Israel

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Black day for Israel

This vote should never have happened. Any leader with half a brain would have acted LONG prior to this event.

The Likudist ass-clown Netanyahu was too busy trying to buy the U.S. election and SHOULD have been taking care of his own backyard.

With this idiot in power, Israelis may as well leap into the Mediterranean and be done with it. They wasted so much capital and effort on promoting an Iran invasion; they gambled and lost.

Better Israeli leaders of the past would never have let it come to this. I hope this breaks the hold of the Likudists.

That being said, good on the Palestinians for achieving something in a peaceful manner. Nothing else has worked, perhaps this will. With the Israeli elections not far off, it may be good timing.

Netanyahu is done. Buy U.S. election: FAIL Promote war with Iran: FAIL Prevent unilateral Palestinian statehood: FAIL

Absolute incompetence. (Besides the obvious moral implications)