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Comment: Since the Arabs in Israel now

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Since the Arabs in Israel now

Since the Arabs in Israel now have a recognized state, that means they can supply their own power, water, and telecommunications. Shut the valve and flip the switch. They owe Israel $180 Million for services provided under established contracts that they have been getting largely for free. Also, Israel collects their taxes on duties and imports. That stops. And, since their currency is the shekel, stop exchanging it. Apartheid is sometimes the best solution. Case in point, South Africa.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian. They are Arabs. If you have never been to the Middle East, Arabs are the largest practitioners of apartheid on the planet and the least free people in the world, completely succumbed to the most egregious nanny states you can imagine and have zero regard for individual liberty.

Hooray for his stance on drones and privacy. Sounds familiar.