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Comment: The evidence is sketchy

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The evidence is sketchy

Two days can be a simple blip. Two weeks may be a trend. Two months may be a missed opportunity.

The mechanics of the silver/gold/dollar relationship says that gold should appreciate versus the dollar because the dollar is being counterfeited while gold supplies remain stable, and silver should appreciate versus gold because silver is becoming more scarce due to production not keeping up with consumption.

There are a lot of powerful people and institutions that will try to game the system for short term gains. The price of silver or gold at any given point in time could just be a reflection of that game playing, but the fundamentals dictate that the game must end with the dollar going down, gold going up, and silver going up even more.

Impossible to tell the timing. It could be next week. It could be years. I believe in precious metals as long term security. I don't much care what the short term fluctuations are.