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Comment: Ah, loonbattiness I can relate to.

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Ah, loonbattiness I can relate to.

Apparently there was a flash-crash in silver last week, so fast it got erased from the charts in about 20 minutes (something I heard on Max Keiser, can't source it at this point - sorry.)
I am a HUGE supporter of stacking silver - kinda got in trouble here at the DP a couple years ago for it. That said, I am also the daughter of a man who got tipped off to the silver shortage in the late 1950's. He never really discussed it with me, but he stacked silver his entire life and died waiting for the manipulation to be exposed. I am keenly aware that it may be my fate, also. However, WHEN it happens, even people with a few ounces will find out just how valuable silver really is. Just between you and me and everyone else who reads this... I believe there is a golden tail wagging a silver dog at this point. We were running out of silver in the 50's, and rather than treating it as precious and rare, the market was manipulated and usage has soared. When we finally get an actual accounting of how much silver is left, it will change the world.

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