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Comment: After working for a very long time in the Boca Raton area

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After working for a very long time in the Boca Raton area

and north palm beach county in high end golf country clubs, I can tell you that my Jewish clients were not embarrassed to tell me that they only wanted to live in a place where there were other Jews, they would try to pin me down on percentages, which is illegal for a realtor to do, and I would tell them that it could cost me my license (they didn't care), then would demand to see membership lists so they could determine themselves if enough jews lived there, and it was *ok* if there were non-jews, just as long as they weren't the majority. They are the MOST racist clients I ever worked with...

and yes, they sometimes would assume that bc I was from NYC and had dark hair that I might be Jewish,..I think that's why they felt comfortable sharing their prejudices with me.

Also, I dated a Jewish guy who actually told me that he could never bring me home to meet the parents, they would never approve of his goyem girlfriend, naturally that was the end for me.

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