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"Telling a woman who has decided not to have kids from a young age that she has to be abstinent to lead a moral life is ludacris IMO"

Why?? Is it because she want to ruin her health for the sake of holding on to some guy or some job? Have you looked into all the side-effects of those pills/devices/operations? Does she like being used as an object for sex? Does she not see that sometimes these methods fail, and does she consider 'then what?' What is ludicrous about these considerations? Does the desire for sex really overrule taking care of one's health, one's partner's health, one's sense of responsibility for a child that may come along despite the best intentions?

"Stop stigmatizing people" - I agree the *people* should not be stigmatized, but the destructive *behavior* of sex outside of marriage certainly ought to be stigmatized because nothing good ever comes of it, especially not when teenagers and now preteens engage in it. Why do you think marriage *has* become such a joke? Because it became *mainly* about "happiness" and the responsibility aspect of it was totally stripped away. And what was the primary vehicle for that stripping? Contraceptive use. Marriage is a vocation to create and care for a family. But now, when two people married aren't "happy", they decide to go their own way and "make the kids adjust." In other words, have the kids act like the responsible adults while the actual adults walk away from their promises and responsibilities and act like kids. Adults do this to kids because they have stopped valuing kids, and the devaluing of our children has progressed to the point where it's okay to kill them in the name of adult sexual freedom. But see, the govt. knows it's not about privacy or freedom ,but it's a road for our enslavement to it via broken and dependent families.

You know, probably many people out there would say the pursuit of true freedom is folly because not enough people will ever wake up to the cause no matter how hard we try. But we know how fundamentally important it is to our survival, so we still try. Maybe trying to wake people up to the destructiveness of society's current view of marriage and family and children is folly, but it is just as important to our survival to try. If we don't have strong families, we are easy pickings for a tyrannical government.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.