Comment: Nuclear Age?

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Nuclear Age?

The nuclear age has experience two really bad decisions by the government. The first was made by President Nixon who favored the dirty uranium solid fuel pressurized water reactor (PWR) over a much clearer thorium molten salt reactor (TMSR), because the military wanted plutonium for their bombs and he defunded further RD&D of TMSR technology. The second bad decision was made by President Clinton for defunding RD&D to dispose of the nuclear waste generated by Nixon’s bad decision. Here we are now with tons of dirty radioactive materials and no bridge to get rid of it. There are only 2 options now; bury it or burn it. Nobody wants it buried in their backyard so we are left with investing in RD&D to finish the Gen IV reactors that will burn it up to 2% waste instead of the 98% that is generated daily. We need to replace the Gen II with waste burning Gen IV reactors that will not continue to produce all that nuclear waste.

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