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Nuclear Industry

The Nuclear Industry is really just another pawn. Fukushima steams away for a reason. Just as all of industry is polluting, poisoning and destroying our natural habitat the nuclear industry is just another example of the industry attempting to reduce human population to that target number of 500 million. Overpopulation is a straw man. If you you really want to know who is destroying our planet look at who is responsible for all the major damages done to our globe. I can assure you of one thing though. Four of the seven billion people on our ball of rock are not destroying the environment. They are literally cleaning it up while trying to scratch a living from waste. Industry is responsible for the spills, the fish kills, the polluted sky, the polluted land and every other major incident that destroys the Earth on step at a time. So the real question to you folks is who are you working for? If it is the medical industry, energy industry, processed food industry, chemical industry, military industry and virtually every major industry in the world then you need to investigate how much blood money is in your wallet?

Do a google search for: Crimes of GE, Crimes of Bayer, Crimes of TEPCO and other major corporations. If you work for these people then you are the problem. So long as they have stooges to work for them we the sheeple will be in danger. So long and good luck.