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Comment: Ron Paul Aide Daniel McAdams writes:

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Ron Paul Aide Daniel McAdams writes:

Goodbye to All That, Rep. Paul

They came to shut down Ron Paul's office today. Took the computers and keys. We had packed up already the decades of papers, Dear Colleague letters, and funny little notes from the boss. A history of the era hastily assembled in various boxes. He toasted us in a final little tipple with touching words that moistened our austere gazes. We took a final (actually the first) group photograph and he was off, with his trademark wave and grin. And then silence. We struggle through the sadness of the end of that era; the battles, disappointments, triumphs, laughs.

So many are grateful for his achievements and leadership; our gratitude is also personal and private, different and special.

But we are thrilled and excited by what he has in mind for his next chapter. What a life-changing ride it has been. And will yet be!