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My wife and I were just talking about

all the things happenning these days last night.

I realized that America resembles the Roman Empire at about the time Jesus walked the earth.

His followers were hoping for an earthy "New King" in Jeus.

One that wouldn't rob and abuse them.

But they were disappointed because He was here to recover mankind to the position that God entrusted to Adam.

He didn't come to reign only over a state called Rome.

He came as king above every king - of the entire creation.

They didn't get it for a long time.

Some never did.

I have very little problem with Jonathan's portrayal of the revelations he has received.

If America isn't staggering spiritually today than I don't know what you would call a nation who is in bondage to an evil cabal of banksters (for whom I once worked) enslaved to a debt that can never be paid -- ever.

Over many years my wife (as a V.P for Bayer, Celanese and Fuji) came to know dozens of gay men and women. She is disturbed by the fact that the bible calls homo's sinners even though these people have regarded he highly as a true friend she maintains her position that they are at odds with God.

I reminded her that Jesus walked in healing, forgiveness and liberation.

The only ones he really got aggressive with were the criminal banksters.

I mean Jesus even re-attached a Roman soldier's severed ear who had come to escort him to his tortuous and humiliating death.