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Amash 2024

He's got a lot of work in front of him within the party. He may be on our radar, but he is not on the MSGOP radar as presidential material, especially not with Rand saying he's interested. and Rand could be saying that to draw attention to himself while Amash or someone else is being vetted.. but I don't see the reason for making a long shot, especially after two long shot campaigns with his Dad. As you know from your personal experience with the GOP, many of these folks are programed.. not that we are not.. we are programming ourselves to many ideas that were long gone from American culture.. federal reserve bank who? What? Austrian economics? WTF Kenesian, sounds alien, eh? Non-interveinists? Free Market? Decriminalizing drugs like marijuana? Hemp? Ending government departments? Personhood? What are we talking about?

The scales are not falling off their eyes because they are fighting to keep their NWO global idea of being the nation of peace and prosperity alive, while blaming us that it's failing.. and as a boomer, I feel that my generation was set up to take this fall.. they have been ripping us off (now it's taking IRAs, they set up for us in the 80s.. just when we want our "nest egg" they threaten to take it,, home foreclosures,, plant closures.. very few of us were actually able to do as well as our parents, even in the military where one would think it would be more even over time, but vets today receive far less than the WWII vets.. like they dangle a carrot and lead us through a bobby trapped road.

I read all the time Ron Paul is "the young people", and yet, the majority of Ron Paul supporters I know are boomers. Ron Paul is the boomer president.. he said what all of us believed when we were young, and given Nixon. Nixon was a dividing line between generations.. where the establishment was interested in simulating the appearance of the first family.. boomers were horrified by Nixon and wanted NOTHING to be like him.. The Republican Party has offered NOTHING for boomers, and why now, it's nothing but a shell of operatives who have nothing better to do than be a$$wipes to keep the party, while keeping boomers and anyone who isn't willing to simulate the establishment, out.

It's a hell of a fight, and Amash's star is rising.. but Rand's star is up and running and we are blessed.