Comment: You are doing way too much work trying to prove an inside job

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You are doing way too much work trying to prove an inside job

It is really quite simple. Aluminum melts at 1221F, and the aluminum on the planes did in fact melt, so we know temperatures in the buildings reached at least 1200F. At this temperature Steel loses over 90% of its structural strength. Now we know that civil engineers commonly make plenty of cautions assumptions in their calculations, and then triple the numbers, but if eevrything then ended up 5X as strong as it needed to be, but the structure lost 90% of the strength it could indeed collapse. Also it is important to note that the available fuels were in fact contained to a rather small area of several floors, so much less metal need be heated than you stated. Also, your statement about the heat sinking ability of steel is simply way off. When a frying pan is on the fire the handle stays cool enough to touch, and it is less than a foot from the flames. Also keep in mind that at the height that the planes hit (roughly 1000') there would be a very strong steady wind supply to feed oxygen to the fire. The fires could definitely have collapsed the buildings.

So, some conclusions:

Planes did hit the buildings.

The fuels involved were indeed enough, and enough air was supplied to reach 1200F, proven by the molten aluminum.

Mossad (and or our government)may have known about the attacks beforehand, and even let them happen. Most of the Zionist Jews who rely on the US to protect them would have seen a silver lining in the attack. BTW Mossad agents may have been in vans with explosive residue, but almost everything has explosive residue (and cocaine residue) on or in it if you look hard enough.

There really is no reasonable question as to what happened that day, the questions all surround who was behind it, and more importantly why it occurred. All possible people involved had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to pull off the attack.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois