Comment: "The professional blind spot" - being your own worst enemy.

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"The professional blind spot" - being your own worst enemy.

I did not overcome mine by choice, it was forced upon me. I had devoted a career to helping save vision - it was VERY rewarding. Financially, emotionally, socially.. When I nearly died from drug side effects and could not get any help from the medical industry, I had to re-examine the industry I helped make credible. I was the face the public saw - cheerful little chick, very proficient at the skills for my job, and very helpful and supportive as they adjusted to whatever drug or surgery they needed. It was hard to face up to my own complicity in giving credibility to the medical-industrial complex. Until one is able to see that blood money in their own wallet, they have not fully examined their life. It is this awakening from within these institutions that is needed to restore health to healthcare, justice to the justice system, etc.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.