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Actually the PLO has been

Actually the PLO has been working very hard for the past 5 years, going from state to state securing recognition.

This vote was supposed to happen last year because they knew they had enough support to attain recognition but was shelved for a full bid for statehood. That bid had great support with only 2 countries in the Security Council rejecting. We already know which 2 countries that was.

To be fully accepted as a "state" it must be approved by the security council.
Every year, random countries throughout the world get the FULL "State" status, but every year the Palestinians are rejected and vetoed. Its sad this continues but at least today they had a small victory.

This non-member observer status only needs majority support from all of the countries.
There is ONE MAJOR significant change from this. Now Palestine can press charges for War Crimes and Human Rights violations on their own, before another country would have to do it on their behalf.