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I don't agree

Cavemen were still walking when the wheel was being invented, and so to expect change to come without compromise is insane.

The GOP is not finished. As much as you and the leftiest NWO wish it was so.. it's not going to happen.

I'm a boomer, and I don't agree with your assement of boomers, who make up the bulk of ALL parties at this point, though the GOP is infiltraited with Democrats, there is a conservative side now, thanks to Ron Paul who is ready, willing and able to push them out.. we've seen the dirty tricks and we are not running, only prepared to fight better. Those in the RepubliCAN rEVOLution are not driven by HATE, but by the appreciate for liberty, and believe the GOP is the ticket. You of course are free to disagree and pursue your own way. Good luck with that. Happy to help.. Dan Roberts, my past congressional candiate was nominated by both my GOP and the American Indepenent Party (who nominated the same as the Constitution Party, that does not exist in CA).

As so we will attract votes from Indy's more than third parties who are filled with shills working to keep we the people marginalized.