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You said "In a Free-Society

You said "In a Free-Society Children AND Seniors AND Women are INTRINSICALLY of high value."

What about men? What about the pre-born?

I think men and the pre-born have intrinsic value in a free society. That free society in which all are created equal and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

Who knows what contribution that individual pre-born person will add to a free society? What great thinkers have been slaughtered before they ever even took a breath?

How is it that we are now seeing sex determined abortions as if some sexes do not have that intrinsic value, and are not wanted for live birth, so the preborn is executed based upon genitals?

Perhaps the right to abortion is built around a billion dollar industry

And just wait for Obamacare to add funds to that industry. What a money maker. Think about it. Take the hard earned dollars from a free society, teach free sex and irresponsibility and then terminate the product of conception using dollars stolen from that society. What a cheap way to farm! Oh, and the ones that make it into life...poison the water and food supply for the pharmaceutical side of the farm.

Here, as I hit save, I saw this right here on the DP:

Who has the right to grant death in a free society? IMO we will never be a free society if we do not UNDERSTAND Ron Pauls words:
"Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."