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There is nothing that separates you or me from a sick infant except for age and health.

Do you not understand what Ron Paul meant when he said: "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

I have already heard that 75 year olds with cancer will not get treatment... I heard that Sunday from a friend. I guess I better go check it out and see if it is fact or fiction.

Have you ever had cancer? I have and you are at peoples mercy to do the right thing for you because you cannot do for yourself.

I had ovarian cancer ready to burst. Once that happens all the cancer cells distribute within the pernial cavity and affect the rest of the abdominal organs. It is a silent killer. I had to have surgery to have the stuff removed...they didn't even know before they went in that I had cancer...they thought it was just a cyct because I was so "young"...I didn't meet the criteria for ovarian cancer...what do you think controlled medical care will look will be a flow chart, and if you don't fit...well then too bad.

They will control the doctors, don't you see. Maybe you can find a doctor outside the system...if they are allowed to even practice.

My dog has free healthcare and I am the one who decides for my dog. My dog has no way to opt out. Do you not see you are a "farm" animal meant to make a profit for the Illegal Criminal Farm. They will take your labor in the form of taxes and then decide what you will get before you are harvested for someone younger and healthier to take your place.

We do not know what it is like to live in a high mortality society because previously we have had a somewhat free enterprise medical system and prosperity to boot.