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Comment: Thanks for the reply. a)I

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Thanks for the reply. a)I

Thanks for the reply.

a)I read my contract (multiple times) last night. It states if I am disenrolled or CO status is accomplished I will have to pay back all financial assistance that I have received through the contract. If I am dis-enrolled for reasons other than CO, I can be ordered to enlist in Active Duty to meet my obligation or pay the money back. That decision it seems is based on my PMS/Commander recommendation I think.

b)I don't want to support or be apart of war in any way. To do so would violate my core beliefs.

c)This was my original plan when I first started having doubts. But I fear I may be asked to do things that I will not do and face prison time for not following orders. i.e. Two Army doctors refused to administer a untested vaccine to soldiers (which apparently resulted in partial paralysis) and they spent/are spending a few year in Leavonworth.I cannot take part in something I know to be intrinsically evil. Are you a vet? Do you think these concerns are legitimate?

"War is a Racket" - Maj. General Smedley Butler