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Personally I have had it with

Personally I have had it with politics. I am part of the remnant and have been trying to educate people and get them involved for decades. The problem is once people are educated they realize how hopeless and rigged the system is and they become apathetic believing there is no solution.
I think now we now have a solution in a true revolution.

I have a lot of faith in the people of this country and if they are given the truth and their voices are heard we can restore our republic. In the history of mankind communication has never been so good. That is why America is waking up. before the internet we would have to duplicate vcr tapes and use snail mail. That is why Ron Paul is so popular now, not because of his message, which has remained the same, but because of the ability to spread it quickly and without restraint.

I ran for congress this year as an exercise knowing it would not work but making a point to the liberty minded people of my district that politics is a rigged game and we must start a new as told to us by our founders in the declaration.

I will begin a campaign as a congressional coordinator in my district forming some kind of secure local internet based voting system for the citizens of my district. We are not being represented by our congressmen , it is time to represent ourselves. We need to make Washington obsolete. it is time and I believe it can be done

It is truly the hour of the time as W. Cooper taught me

my you tube channel videos may explain more of my thinking.