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Comment: If government was not the

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If government was not the

If government was not the size that it is, corporations would not be as powerful as they are. The revolving door bridging public and private is constantly spinning. Government is force, with less of it the corporations being protected by it would not have that edge. They would be left to compete in a free market. The counter argument to this may be that of monolithic companies controlling things by force any way, like the old railroad and oil companies did. What's better though: going against a big company with government protection, or just a big company? The founding father's saw the right to sue and contract law as a powerful way to protect one self without the burden of government regulation trying to do the same thing. This takes a very honest and principled judicial system, one that has been extremely eroded over the decades.

I think a lot of it has to do with where the big money is flowing. Everything I just mentioned above can be compromised with people with fat coffers. Keeping that kind of power in check is a much more difficult proposition imo.