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You Said: "This is why an

You Said: "This is why an Independent third-party candidate is so crucial to genuine reform of the system. He is the only kind of politician who will be willing to explain the truth to the voters."

Nope, Ron Paul spoke to 100's of thousands this cycle thanks to the internet and his work on college campuses.

I just heard an interview where HE said 3rd party is NOT an option because the system is closed by rules made by the ruling parties.

IMO there is resident power in the group called GOP, we can use it for ourselves.

Why should I listen to you say something opposite of Ron Paul?

Either he is wrong


you are wrong

or you are runnin' scared of the Ron Paul Repubicans. I don't know anything about you so I can't say. But I do have plenty of Dr. Ron Paul's history to study!