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Ideal money

"On a local level an efficient barter facilitator working in combination with an honest global currency will be the key to achieving your DREAM!"

Thanks for the link on the Ripple.

Competition is just a word in English, the defining of actions that constitute competition are actions that work like water in a river working on rocks, wearing them down, making rocks melt over time.

The goal of all those actions by all those people choosing the better competitor over the worse competitor is a reaching for a goal of the best.

So what is the best money, once the rocks that impede competition are worn away?

Why not find out?

Why do people still use fraud money?

I may be difficult to understand, perhaps because I am too far ahead in my thinking, but the facts do tend to speak for themselves, the self-evident facts.

People who find themselves speaking against competitive forms of money, as you are experiencing right now, may be people who have a vested interest in destroying any competition to their fraudulent money systems.

Is that self-evident, or am I over reaching?

I don't know, so I ask, and perhaps the answer is somewhere in the middle in each case.