Comment: Managed care has been here for years

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Managed care has been here for years

"- Doctors go from trying to cure you or at the very least pushing pharmaceuticals at you to giving you the minimal amount of care in the minimal amount of time to rack up the minimal amount of cost."

THIS has been happening already for years within the current insurance system It is called "managed care" as I have learned from an informed discussion at a Thanksgiving table last week. Too late.

An example is Keiser system whose family doctor made me sicker than I ever was and prevented me from seeing any specialist, except herself (heart specialist). She just could have follow basic family doctor recommendations - saving me from years of unnecessary pain and malaise.

Obama care still leaves 27 million Americans without insurance. Moreover it really is "ClintonCare" - Hillary was pushing the mandate to buy - which I hate and will never succumb to - in the 2008 democratic primary.

And whatever the system - health insurance MUST be separated from our work places. Otherwise, as it is, it is one of the instruments of making us serfs. (serves?)

Ron Paul ... forever.