Comment: I'll agree to disagree, will you?

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I'll agree to disagree, will you?

I do not feel it is my place to make moral or medical decisions for anyone but me. If I choose to "murder" my "preborn" child, it is between me and my Creator. I do not owe anyone else an explanation, nor need anyone else even know. Now, I got lucky - the guy who raped me did not impregnate me, but had I gotten pregnant and had I chosen abortion, I get the feeling you would have demanded I carry that child to term - risking my life. I believe there are women here on earth who are worth more than an incubator for unwanted sperm wads.
Now then, how about we find our common ground - what in the world does this have to do with fish? (I plan to eat the unborn fish, if that is what you are getting at...)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.