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You have a commitment to your contract

and if that means having to pay them back.. that's your choice, to be heavily indebt/slave for freedom from ROTC (and that's not grunt).

You were training on many levels, leadership mostly.. You learn how to take orders and discharge them correctly, could be engineering military bases in Iran, or underwater, or leading construction crews.. you would understand protocol and ranks and learn about the world as no civilian can, unless they are a MIC general/admiral, etc.

You are in training to defend the Republic.

Why not meet the local preist and chaplin? I think you might begin a conversation with one and see if that will help you find how you can keep your committment and conscieness.

This is a HUGE, potentially self damaging position to be in, in that you may be unable to pay off that debt.. spend your life in debt, and think the world actually gives a damn that you decided while you were in ROTC to become a conscience objector.

As I've said, ROTC is an honor, so it's a slap in the face that is not going to serve you well in the future, IMO when trying to get corporate work.. which pays bills.. or government, but that's part of the MIC machine too.... But, who knows what God has designed for you.. no matter what your choice, I wish you well.