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practical advice


I'm a former Army officer, and prior enlisted. By all means DO NOT ENLIST in the Army. Any marginal status benefit to being an officer will be lost. Simply, pay the money back, and get out from under that sword of Damocles.

Best case)What I would do (options in order of attractiveness):
If you can get a student loan (long term fixed rate) to reimburse the .gov, and can get a civilian job that pays better, do it! You'll need to figure out your financial aid options and how to dis-enroll without being pulled into the Army. Worst case, GET AN ATTORNEY, that specializes in military law. After getting a loan, and finishing your degree, go promptly to Myanmar, Vietnam, Africa or Singapore to start your career. You'll make more money, and you'll be on the ground floor of building a country. The experience that you can gain at this time in your life when you have the fewest attachments is a precious gift.

Plan B-ish) You bail. get your degree, paper in hand, leave the country, never to return until the reset. You could get a job for a foreign company in a developing market, make good money and return when the dust settles. (the 50K reimbursement to the gov would be much more desirable though). They won't be looking that hard for you. I've seen quite a few enlisted people go AWOL, never to be seen again. There are negative consequences, but if you don't come back to the country, it's an option.

Plan C-ish)
Take your commission if you can be assured to be branched as an engineer, or non-combatant role. This doesn't mean you will be necessarily safe, but it's better than being enlisted. If you get deployed to the Kush, you could be on your own if the US collapses. Come up with a plan and resources to make your way home in the event of a government collapse. While things are pseudo-stable you'll get COLA, housing allowance, etc, that bump up base pay, not ideal, but not horrible.

Dumb/suicide case 1) Enlisted. You will be the lowest, most disposable pawn for the bankers, and our psychotic leaders, and generals. Do not do this!

Dumb/suicide case 2) allow yourself to be put in jail, or enlisted over this, thereby greatly enhancing the likelihood of being killed. How much is your life worth?

To all those that claim you entered into a fair contract, and you should go along with it, or that Jesus will save you (unbelievable!!), GET REAL!!!! God/Allah/the Intergalactic spagetti monster/whatever you want to call it, helps those that help themselves!!! Jesus didn't save the little kids that got blown to bloody pieces in Pakistan did he/she, or the little girl that watched her parents eviscerated by a drone missle, bleed out in their back garden. Pull your head out of your behind!!!!

Additionally, the .gov is in BREACH of the master contract - the constitution, bill of rights and the international laws of war, making any little thing like an enlistment contract NULL AND VOID in moral principle. The only thing backing these "contracts" is force! Just because a kangaroo court will throw you in jail over it, doesn't mean it's worth honoring, or morally right. It simply means that you shouldn't put yourself in a position for some enforcer to throw you in jail, or willingly go off to be killed.

Be creative, escape... with the least amount of downside possible.