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Comment: I Find This Thread To Be Very Disturbing, and Not Just Because

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I Find This Thread To Be Very Disturbing, and Not Just Because

it centers on the second worst president in decades.

Apparently there is a small cadre of DP readers who are also die-hard Jimmy Carter supporters. Former Democrats? I don't know, but they vote down posts, not because they are inaccurate, but because they make simple observations about Carter that while true, they don't like; see the comment by ConstitutionHugger as an example.

It is absolutely SHOCKING that people who are smart enough to support Ron Paul are so ignorant that they also support Jimmy Carter. In spite of what RPWR says, Carter DOES "give a cr*p what other people think of HIM", as evidenced by his non-stop apologetics for the last 32+ years.

At least George W. had the good sense to disappear after leaving the White House, but not so with Jimmy. Because of his desire to micromanage others and display his "superior" intellectual capability, Carter felt the need to publicly critique his successors to the oval office. A humble man he ain't.

You would think that after having three decades to review his failed presidency, Carter would have gained some smarts regarding foreign policy. But once a fool, always a fool. He actually believes that U.S. support of Islamic rule in Egypt will lead to democracy there.

Let the down votes begin, but while you're at it, I'd like to know how the Carter supporters on the DP can justify his support for the rule of Sharia law in Egypt, or any other nation, for that matter.