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Non the less, "Legal Fiction. Ignoring inalienable rights.

"The limited liability issue is not a problem because when you decide to do business with them, you know in advance that you can't sue the owner personally" - Limelemon

What if you seek to hold a person within a corporation to account?

How is it we so oft... so willingly give up our inalienable rights?
Do we really give up our inalienable rights with the passage of any blame free law? Settlement?

Folks may review the court records to see how our courts have treated these matters over the last 4 centuries in English law. Folks are not expecting corporations to dissolve. Nor to willingly accept personal responsibility. Not even corporate officers. I do strongly believe in self integrity & being responsible for my action. But, that is just me... Apparently. [Crowd slowly gathers]

    "Reasons for Raising a Fund to Settle America On the Value of Colonies to England" By Richard Hakluyt, January 5, 1607

    REASONS OR MOTIVES for the raising of a PUBLIC STOCK to be employed for the peopling and discovering of such countries as may be found most convenient for the supply of those defects which this Realm of England most requires [the following]:
    Reason 8. Where colonies are founded for a public-weal, they may continue in better obedience and become more industrious than where private men are absolute backers of a voyage. Men of better behavior and quality will engage themselves in a public service, which carries more reputation with it, than a private, which is for the most part ignominious in the end, because it is presumed to aim at a profit and is subject to rivalry, fraud, and envy, and when it is at the greatest height of fortune can hardly be tolerated because of the jealousy of the state.

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